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Giles/Ethan Community

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Fic: Jack Harkness/Ethan Rayne. [02 May 2009|11:30am]


Jack/Ethan drabble, prompt "First Kiss".

That smirk deserves to be punched, or fucked.
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A little Giles? A little Summer? Come and play... [16 Apr 2009|12:52pm]


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Two older fics [02 Dec 2008|12:28am]

For the sake of completeness. Both of these were written with sparklebutch.

Fic: Untitled post-Becoming scene (Giles/Ethan, PG-13)

Ficlet: Hospitality (Giles/Ethan/Wesley, R)
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Couple of short fics [30 Nov 2008|02:58am]

sparklebutch inspired me today.

Drabble: Water of Life (Giles + Ethan preslash, R)

Ficlet: Campfire Songs (Giles/Ethan, PG)
The prompt for this was sort of a comment on Buffy Season Eight #3 and #4, though the story's not related to them.
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Three days until signups end! [27 Nov 2008|02:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Signups for the Drunken!Giles-athon end on Saturday, so if you're thinking about signing up, but haven't yet, you've got three days to do it!  It's easy, it's fun, and it's loaded with drunken!giles!!  *G*  Just go here and paste your reply into a comment to that post!

We hope to see you there!

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FIC: Getting to the Point [20 Nov 2008|12:06am]

Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating/Warnings: I'm gonna call it R. There's sex, but it's brief and not particularly graphic. No kink.
Disclaimer: The usual. I don't have any money, please don't sue.

Summary: Set in Season 7, shortly after "Lies My Parents Told Me." It's been three years. Maybe they've both changed.

Getting to the Point
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Fic: Long Distance Lover (G/E, NC-17) [15 May 2008|01:20pm]

Title: Long Distance Lover
Author: fides
Character/Pairings: Giles/Ethan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unbeted
Summary: Giles gets an interesting wake up
Notes: Short piece written for the mmom challenge

Link to story
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FIC: Cease-Fire (Giles/Ethan, FRM) [04 Nov 2007|12:27am]

Title: Cease-Fire
Author: Mireille (mireille719)
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating: FRM
Summary: There's no point in lying to himself, not now; he's missed this.
Word Count: 1,000
Spoilers: post-Chosen, episode canon only
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss. You can tell because he's read the S8 comics.

( Cease-Fire )
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The Forty or Better Smutathon [26 Aug 2007|10:02pm]

Do you think maturity is sexy? Do you think characters don't stop being attractive at midlife? Then the Forty or Better Smutathon is for you.

Forty or Better celebrates older characters through sexy fanfiction. All fandoms and all erotic permutations (solo, f/f, f/m, m/m, threesomes and moresomes) are welcome. Sign-ups accepted now through September 15th.

For more information, please check out the detailed rules here at forty_or_better.

(I'm sure you folks don't need a reason to write Giles/Ethan, but this is an opportunity to show the world how sexy the pairing is!)
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Ethan and Giles: a brief history [17 Jun 2007|04:35pm]

Ethan Rayne first came to our attention when he turned Xander into a soldier and Buffy into a helpless woman in a fancy dress. In response, Giles beat him up.

Then Ethan revealed he went way back with Giles, who went off the rails for a while and was quite un-tweedy. In response, Giles got very drunk.

Then Ethan got the entire adult population of Sunnydale to eat cursed candy and revert to their irresponsible teenaged selves. In response, Giles got Buffy to beat him up.

Then Ethan and Giles got very drunk, and Ethan turned Giles into a Fyarl demon. In response, Giles beat him up.

What's going to happen to him this time? This is your chance to tell us.

An Antique Roman:
an Ethan Rayne ficathon for 2007

The short version: Sign-ups are open until June 30. Assignments go out July 3. Fic is due Sunday, August 26. Minimum length is 750 words. Want the long version? Check out the sign-ups post.
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Summer of Giles - last call! [14 May 2007|02:06pm]

Hey all, this is just a quick little note to let you know summer_of_giles sign-ups are closing and we still have a bunch of slots open - so if you were considering submitting Giles/Ethany goodies, we'd LOVE to have you!  Check out the master list, pick your day, and come join the fun!
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Summer of Giles Sign-Ups are Open! [17 Apr 2007|11:04pm]

Hello Giles/Ethan lovers!  It's my pleasure to cordially invite you to the 2007 edition of summer_of_giles

In case you were wondering, this is a two month extravaganza of Giles-y goodness.  From June through July this site is devoted to Rupert Giles, our favorite Watcher, librarian, sometime magician, smart, occasionally sarcastic, warm-eyed, sexy and protective man from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  All pairings with Giles are welcome (and those who prefer to concentrate on the gen aspects of Giles too), all types of fan creations are adored (from icons to meta, fic to recs). 

Last year we had a very few but incredibly special Giles/Ethan fics and artwork and it would be FANTASTIC to have more! 

If you are interested in creating something to show your Giles love, please check out the following:

+ Our Sign-Up post (where you can read rules & claim a day of your own)
+ Our Master Calendar (so you can see what days are open - note, we will be signing up 2 people/day, so don't be scared if a day already has someone on it)

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[25 Nov 2006|05:16pm]


I'm new around here and wanted to say hi, so hi.

Also, a fic:

Title: Falling is not physics, it is chemistry
Author: duckwings
Word count:

Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating: R, maybe. I'm not very good with the whole rating thing.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as they say. Not even a little bit.
Summary: Maybe Ethan is more than just bad memories.

Rupert Giles first met Ethan Rayne...

My first Giles or Ethan fic. Commenters will be loved forever.
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New fic, by me [25 Oct 2006|05:54pm]

Fools Journey


Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne. Best mates, worst enemies, sometimes both at once. They've got a lot of history. So even when the Initative took Ethan away, Giles was sure he'd see him again, sooner or later...
Now the late Ethan Rayne is turning out to be twice the trouble, and Giles must be the one to deal with it.

38000 words, posted in 7 parts, complete


3rd in a series, but pretty much stands alone.

All can be found at


If you're worried by the set up, you might want to read the last part first. Obviously it gives away a lot, but you'll know if you want to read the other 36000 words with that ending.
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Giles-centric mini-ficathon announcement [18 Sep 2006|11:13am]

The current round of maleslashminis focuses on Giles. Any Giles slash pairing is welcome, and we'd really like to see some more Giles/Ethan there!

Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of whether or not you've been a part of the community before now.

Signups are here. (You'll need to join the community to post your fic.)
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Songamonth [06 Sep 2006|11:59am]
10 Ethan Rayne icons made for the songamonth community

Some of them are a bit slashy which is why I wanted to post them here too.


The rest can be found here.
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Did everyone wander off? [18 Jul 2006|12:28pm]

I'm trying to find an Ethan or G/E fic archive. I have links for 3 but none of the links work. I've found Be Seeing You on the Wayback Machine, but no live sites.

Where did they go?

If the answer is The Big Archive Graveyard In The Sky, would making a new one be useful?
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New Community! [05 Jun 2006|01:49am]


COME JOIN btvshate!


btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
btvshate btvshate btvshate btvshate
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A Series of Questions, Part 2 [18 May 2006|10:27am]

Author: Fan_Spagle
Title: A Series of Questions.
Chapter: Two
Pairing: Ethan/Giles
Written for btvsats_20, Round 3, Challenge 2
Summary: Ethan is asked the question….How does blood on your hands feel?
(A/N: You have to read the first part or this won’t make any sense)

Read more...Collapse )
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Searching for the Burn [18 May 2006|07:57am]

Searching for the Burn
Pairing: Spike/Angelus, Ethan/Giles
Windandsummer thank you so much for your beta work!!
Summary: What if Drusilla had died in Season 2 before Spike found the spell to save her? How would that change everything when Angel lost his soul? What if Ethan came to Sunnydale because he was worried about Giles? *The Pairings in this fic aren’t focused on as much as the plot is*

Click Here for Chapters 1-5 This story is completed.
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